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Art Naturals Aromaöl SET Weihrauch Lavendel Eukalyptus Pfefferminz usw 6 x 10 ml

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3.5ml Advanced eyelash and brow enhancer which strengthens your eyelash and brow hairs while preventing breakage and thinning.

Art Naturals 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel - Cold Pressed 12 Oz-Soothe Sunburn And

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Thank you for visiting our ebay store! From the garden to your face-who knew a simple succulent plant was so filled with benefits? ArtNaturals gentle Aloe Vera Gel belongs in your bathroom and your day bag. Rich in antioxidants, minerals and other nutrients, its uses have been known for centuries. Now's your turn. ArtNaturals Aloe Vera Gel is artisanal quality and organic. What you get is the soothing and healing relief true organic aloe vera gel provides for sunburn, windburn, rashes and insect bites and stings. The "plant of immortality," as it was called by Egyptians, can do much more. Legend has it that Alexander the Great, taking the advice of Aristotle, conquered the island of Socotra, off the coast of Africa, to secure supplies of aloe vera in order to treat wounded soldiers. Legend also says aloe vera was one of Queen Cleopatra's favorite beauty aids. Aloe vera gel is packed with nutrients like glycerin, sodium palmate, sodium carbonate, sodium palm kemelate, and sorbitol. These nourish your skin from within, giving you that healthy glow. Studies have shown that aloe vera can penetrate three epidermal layers of the skin. Aloe vera gel may also improve absorption of other botanical herbs and vitamins. Used on skin, it helps prevent the signs of aging, moisturizes, reduces acne and helps clear up redness, and reduces stretch marks. On hair, our Aloe Vera Gel promotes healthy hair growth, reduces dandruff, maintains the pH balance of the scalp, and conditions and hydrates. ArtNaturals Aloe Vera Gel absorbs quickly and is unscented. Find out for yourself how gel from a humble desert plant, revered by royalty, is one of the best health-and-beauty multitaskers around. - For Dry Damaged Aging skin, Razor Bumps and Acne - ArtNaturals Aloe Vera Gel is artisanal quality, organic, and cold-pressed - Aloe Vera Gel has multiple therapeutic benefits, including skin/scalp healing properties, and relief from sunburn and insect bites. - Aloe Vera Gel's skincare benefits...

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