Brochas de afeitar| Sword Edge Shesham Wood Stand for Safety, Razor , Straight Razor Shaving Brush


Mondial ébano XL Cepillo crema de afeitar ébano

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Mondial ébano XL Cepillo crema de afeitar ébano La descripción de este producto se ha traducido automáticamente. Si tiene alguna pregunta al respecto, por favor póngase en contacto con nosotros. Afeitado brocha de que tejón hecha en Italia talla XL MPN Ebony XL Marca Mondial EAN 8021784051943

Yaqi 26MM Fan shape Mysterious Space Color Handle Tuxedo Knot Shaving Brush

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26MM Yaqi Mysterious Space Color handle Tuxedo Hair Knot Shaving Brush Yaqi shaving brush - YouTube Video will open in a new window [isdntekvideo] About the product Just to let everyone know no two shaving brush handles have the same exact patterning. Everyone will have there own individual pattern structure. Brush has 26mm Fan shape Knot, Loft size 57mm, handle height 65mm, widest part of the handle diameter 40mm and weight 110 grams. Shaving brush is made with high quality synthetic hair which is soft and gentle to your skin but yet hard enough to generate rich lather,for a soft and luxurious feeling every time you shave Lift hair and open up pores on your face, naturally exfoliates your skin The Perfect GIFT idea for wet shavers of all ages - A PRESENT no one will be disappointed with! Perfect size for everyday use and travel Creates a perfect rich lather. Please note the safety razor is not part of the sale used for display purposes only

New & Unused KENT P8 Rare 'Vintage' Pure Silver Tip Badger Hair Shaving Brush.

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This is a rare KENT P8 genuine, silver tip badger hair shaving brush.It is new and unused in its original case with booklet guarantee. Beautiful clear Lucite handle with black band.In absolutely perfect, new condition.There a couple of very minor marks to the outside of the case, caused through storage. The brush measures 11 cm in heightThe diameter across the top of the bristles is approx 5.5 cm Rare model of brush that was discontinued in 2001.Far superior quality to more modern brushes. Happy to ship Worldwide

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